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I decided to start this list because many people ask me the same question over and over. So, here are some places where you can find Harina PAN (or other brand name) outside Venezuela. Please go to the end for other products that might also be of interest.

I recently purchased an arepa machine made by Oster in Venezuela: the TostiArepa. Best thing to ever happen to the arepa since the white cheese. It cooks 4 small size arepas at a time, ready in seven minutes. Highly recommended. If you know where to get it outside of Venezuela, let me know.

Prices: In the US, I have seen prices from as low as $1 in Miami, FL and as high as $3.50 in Portland, OR. So distance and demand pretty much dictates the price. I don't know prices anywhere else.

Other stuff:

If you know of any other place, please send me e-mail.

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